A Tiger Rules the Mountain

The world's longest serving Prime Minister and Cambodia's pursuit of democracy

Listen to A Tiger Rules the Mountain as an audio book

A Tiger is now available on Audible and other platforms as an audio book, and Ou Ritthy, one of the central people in the book, plays a guest starring role. Most of it is narrated by me, as my labour was cheap, but Ritthy introduces each part of the book, including reciting the Cambodian proverbs that appear.

I started recording in November and it was the first time that I had read the book completely since it was first published. It took me back to all those people and places who feature, with memories flooding back. I got some great advice from a couple of professional narrators so hopefully I bring the book to life and tried to give everybody in the book a distinctive voice and personality.

Hopefully, the audio version will make it easier for people, especially Cambodians who don’t read English that well, to know the stories within the book. I’m also about to start work on translating it into Khmer and hope that will be published later this year to make it widely available in Cambodia, all things permitting.

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