A Tiger Rules the Mountain

The world's longest serving Prime Minister and Cambodia's pursuit of democracy

Me, Johnny Depp and the New York Times Bestseller

There I am next to Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat which got made into a film with Johnny Depp, and not long after Kristin Hannah, who has sold 25million books worldwide. I didn’t expect to be in their company but then again I didn’t expect The Australian to choose A Tiger Rules the Mountain as one of its picks for ‘What to Read This Week’. Especially since Tiger doesn’t come out until the next week. The folks at The Australian are obviously even more excited than I am to see it in the shops.

I’ve taken a little screenshot of the review below but you can also read it here along with the reviews for those other up and coming authors Joanne Harris and Kristin Harris. Sam Bernard from The Australian found it “profound” as I take you “deep inside” Cambodia with “personal accounts from an erratic and turbulent decade.”

I’m going to say that’s not bad for my first ever review.

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